About US

We’re architects, designers, technologists and operations champs who have come together to make home construction, renovation, remodeling and home improvement, the memorable experiences that they should be. While shopping for furniture and home decor online has become easy, getting your space ready to fit all those in is still a big hassle.

At DeckMySpace, our aim is to make you love your space.

What We Do

There are a lot of hassles with getting home development and improvement work done by your own. Even if you’ve figured out what needs to be done, it is difficult to find good experts around. There are countless problems like:

  • How do I find good contractors in my area?
  • Is it safe to work with this expert?
  • The expenses for my home interiors project have shot up way over my budget. I wish I’d done better planning.
  • My contractor has left my project incomplete. What do I do now?
  • There is no standard way of measurements for billing, and the contractors keep on asking for money. The team is inconsistent and there is no proper supervision or set standards for quality.
  • How is this material better than that material?
  • Is this expert adequately skilled and reasonable enough for my work?
  • Are these rates and timelines for my home renovation work justified?
  • I’m already facing issues with the recently completed work in my home. How do I get proper guidance and resources for rectification?
  • I’m not sure about the quality of work being done in my home. A quality check would’ve been so helpful.
  • I want to get this wall in my living room refurbished and highlighted. What are my options?

….and many-many more!

Our DeckMySpace technology platform and team takes care of all these problems for you. We ensure that only the best experts are available to you on DeckMySpace, and that your project gets completed on time, within your budget and with great quality.

We know you love your space, and our mission is to help you make it better.